This is my first blog, and frankly I haven't quite decided where to take it.

Life has always been a series of curiosity journeys for me much like catching leaves. As a new leaf, or idea, fell in my peripheral vision, a little voice inside my head told me to grasp it, examine it, and then decide if it was worth experiencing it. If it was, that little leaf embedded itself in my heart and soul and became part of who I am. Through the time I've been granted to exist on this earth, I've had the privilege of collecting numerous leaves--some green and promising a new and better future--and some moldy and dark promising nothing more than trials and tribulations. Each one, however, propelling me in a different direction.

One of the leaves I grasped when I was very young put a pencil and notebook in my hands. It became a place of refuge--a net of sorts to catch my dreams, my passions, my heartaches, and my fantasies. As I grew older, other leaves fell and I became a wife, a mother, a friend, a confident, a big sister, an entrepreneur, a cleaner of toilets, a digger of ditches, a child educator, and a crisis junkie. Through it all, that initial leaf kept whispering. "You need to write! You need to write!"

I listened briefly twenty some years ago, and published over 200 articles in newspapers and magazines. My first book The Home Day Care Handbook, written on a dare, brought me speaking engagements and a parenting column. However, economics dictated a change in careers, and writing became only something for reports and technical lesson plans.

Now that leaf is whispering again. Yes, I am writing once more, and my second book will soon make its debut through Collca EBooks. But while this blog will update you now and then about where my journey is taking me, it will not be dedicated to writing alone. It is my hope that it will provide food for thought or another way to look at the world. Specifically, it will cover a multitude of topics surrounding children, parenting, grand-parenting, friendship and self-esteem. So, come journey with me. Think of it as another leaf for you to catch!

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