It took me a while, but I finally have it--the intention of my ambition with this blog!
I write for both adults and children, but my heart lies in children's literature. Today's kids face much more than their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. Some authors are writing about it, others are not. I want this to be a place where things that are right should urge others (and myself) to write, talk, and understand.
You already know from my previous nattering that topics such as bullying, domestic violence, grounding, single parent families, blended families, building your own self-esteem, and a host of others will appear like falling leaves. You can catch them, let them crumble in your hand or allow them to spark an idea, a thought, a different way of looking at them, or even a new story (if you write).
I'll also do book reviews from selected "kid's lit" and announcements of new books hitting your favorite ereader, bookstore, or library shelves. If you're a parent, you'll learn what's out there so you can gain the knowledge of choice. If you're a kid, you might find that catching the reading leaf is something to treasure and excite.
Of course, occasionally you'll hear about the comings and goings of Sherry, the author, or Sherry, the not-so-easy-to-get-published writer of short stories, or even Sherry, the Institute of Children's Literature's befuddled student of Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction writing. But you will also see samples of writing from different young authors (and maybe one or two from myself), and the occasional short story.
Next post will cast several leaves at bullies--what makes someone a bully? Is it an inherent meanness or are they insecure like the rest of us? What leaf will you choose?

Now for some really great news! Two fellow authors, Beth Consugar and Mikki Sadal, have created two books you should really take a look at.

Swanee Day written by Beth Consugar and just released by Halo Publishing--a beautiful picture book about a special holiday for Swans, and little Grace who has forgotten her manners. Will she learn what to do before the day is over?

Scheduled for released the beginning of November from Museit Up Publishing by Mikki Sadil is a historical novel set in the South just before the Civil War. A Young Adult novel about a thirteen year old who is fighting his own war against slavery.

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