2014 GOALS

In a few more days 2013 will be gone, and 2014 will be here. So I am setting goals.

While I am not big on setting daily or weekly goals for myself, I do set long-term goals that I attempt to time manage. I say attempt, because I'm not great on time management either. Since I retired, a definite schedule is no longer necessary, and I have to say I wasted a lot of this year just getting used to not having to manage work, home, family, friends, and whatever else the world decided to throw at me. This year will be different.

Now that I have launched my dream career as an author and writer, I find it a necessary tool to keep me on task. However, I need your help. So I am going to set my goals in stone by writing them here for all of you to see. Then each month, I will bring you up-to-date on where I am in the scheme of things. I am asking that you--my friends--hold me accountable. So here they are:

  1. See my non-fiction book The Great Camel Experiment of the Old West published. It is under contract with Collca EBooks, but there is no publication date as yet.
  2. Write and submit on short story for kids each month.
  3. Write the drafts for 12 picture books this year.
  4. Finish my picture book Fat Matt, The Hungry County Rat by February 1st.
  5. Submit Fat Mat to three publishers before March 1st.
  6. Write five craft projects for kids and submit them to children's magazines
  7. Finish my novel writing course through the Institute of Children's Literature with my mentor Linda Crotta Brennan (award winning children's author--look up her books).
  8. Submit my YA (Young Adult) novel The Search for the Red Ghost to publishers.
  9. Submit my YA historical novel Little Owl Woman to publishers
  10. Read, read, read
  11. Write my blog every week and update all of you on my progress
  12. Finally, to keep the problems kids face today in the forefront so those that can write will

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