Can We Stop Kid Hunger In America?

Is it possible to put an end to hunger--especially for kids--in America? believe it is--if we all do our share. Each of us has a responsibility to the youth of today. As I said in my last blog, children have the right to food, clothing, a warm place to live, and love. There are numerous organizations who are trying to stop hunger in its tracks, and make things better for kids. 

One of these is They believe that hunger is a solvable problem if we "Share Our Strength . . . to ensure that every child has access to nutritious food where she lives, learns and plays."

Kids who are hungry have it tough. Hunger causes a lack of energy, and it keeps kids' minds on their stomachs instead of their school work, so they do poorly in school. They have less of chance of finishing school or going to college, and without an education, their chances of providing a better life for themselves and their families when they become adults lessens.

What can you do? Give to the food bank, make sure your school is providing breakfasts and lunches, check out the agencies on line who are dedicating resources to keep food on the tables of children, and speak out against hunger. Stop it in its tracks!

As I promised last week, I am working on a picture book for kids on hunger.Why? Because there are very few available. It seems to me that editors and writers are trying to protect kids from the reality of hunger, but with 1 in 4 kids suffering the effects of hunger, I can't understand why. Kids are smart. I have developed three ideas and written outlines. For now, I am only going to give you the title of each possibility, and ask for your comments. (1) It's Just a Sandwich (2) Oliver's Hunger Dragon (3) The Mouse, The Rat, and The Cupboard That Was Bare.   --There you go--now tell me what you think.

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