Through the eyes of a child

Have you ever really looked into the eyes of a child? Have you seen the wonder and enchantment that lies behind the beginning of a smile? A frown? Excited laughter? Deep sadness?

If you have, you would understand why there are so many writers who dream of writing a book or a story that will capture a child's attention. The mind of a child is truly marvelous as it develops, calculates, creates, and evolves. To contribute even a small thought into the process is what most children's authors strive for. 

For me, it is not only the thought I hope to capture, but the imagination. As a child, reading was my window into other worlds. I could fly with Peter Pan to Never Never Land, sail with the Vikings as they conquered new lands, ride with the Cheyenne Indians across the plains, or take down a Mastodon in the icy wastelands of the Arctic. My imagination made me a better person, a better sister, and a better friend, and all because I loved to read.

Yes, there are other reasons that reading is important. It develops language skills--both written and verbal. It allows the mind to develop by introducing new concepts, ideas, and arguments. It allows children to discover new worlds, new things, new creatures, and new cultures. But for me, it is the possibility of writing something that captures that wonder and enchantment that only a child's eyes can hold.

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