Five Ways You Can Help End Hunger in America

No one wants to see a child go hungry. Yet 1 out of 5 kids in America has no idea where their next meal will come from or even when it will come. We can all help end child hunger by getting involved. Here are five ways you can help.

  1. Support your local food bank. Next time you go to the grocery store, buy an extra can of vegetables, or soup, or a box of oatmeal, dry milk, or even a box of macaroni. The cost to you is less than $1.00, but when you combine your donation with those given by others, kids get dinner, or breakfast, or lunch. And, do this regularly. Don't be a one-time wonder. Be a every time giver.
  2. Make sure your school district offers free or reduced breakfasts and/or lunches. This will enable kids who have no option a chance to eat before school. Sometimes this is the only meal they can count on. Think Meals on Wheels as an example. It's a great organization feeding the elderly, sick, and disabled. Why not do the same for kids?
  3. Volunteer to help serve meals at your local church or a homeless organization. The few hours you spend will help not only help the community, but it will reward you tenfold.
  4. Organize your own food drive. Some people have created weekend backpacks for the hungry kids in their towns. The backpacks are filled with fruit, high protein snacks, and easy to make meals so the cchild has enough food to carry him/her through the weekend. Most of the time, there is enough fresh food for the whole family. What a great school, PTA, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, etc. project. Talk to your local school district and find out what is needed, then go the extra mile and DO IT!
  5. Pass the word. Let people know about kids who are hungry through social media, and get involved in organizations like NOKIDHUNGRY who are trying to stem the tide of hunger. Writers and authors who read this blog--do what you do best WRITE! 
Each of us has a responsibility to end hunger. Ask yourself, what can I do, then do it!

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