Helping Hungry Kids: The Sunshine Division

Old Mother Hubbard

Remember the nursery rhyme about a woman who couldn't find a bone for her dog? Here is a revised version:
Old Mother Hubbard
Went to her cupboard,
To find food for her children to dine;
She was worried how they would fare
Because her cupboard was bare,
Then a police officer brought a box from Sunshine.

     As I have stated in a previous blog, I have first hand knowledge of what it is like to be hungry and discover that the family cupboards were bare. What you don't know is that it started when I was six. My mother, a single parent in the 1950s, with four hungry mouths to feed, sanded cars for a living, and that meant our cupboard was bare--often. 
     However, through the hunger years, there were a few wonderful organizations that recognized that hunger was a problem in America and set out to do something about it. Since I lived in Portland, Oregon when I was six, he organization that came to our rescue on more than one occasion was The Sunshine Division of the Portland Police Bureau. I still remember the kind faces of the two police officers who knocked on our door to give us enough food to get us through an entire week. And, I will never forget the one who pulled not one candy bar from his pocket--but four of them, so each of us kids could have one of our very own. It was the first time I ever tasted a Hershey Bar.
     Today, the Sunshine Division is still helping families. They provide emergency food boxes like the one we received over 50 years ago; Holiday food baskets; offer an on-site food store so hungry people can do their own shopping; buy kids new clothes for school; and, distributes "more than three million pounds of food" to more than a dozen hunger relief agencies each year. WOW! 
     So don't forget them. I know I never will. Thank you Portland Police Sunshine Division for helping this woman survive childhood hunger. 

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