Six Kid's Books on Hunger

Finding books that discuss hunger for kids was challenging this week, but I needed them for researching my "Oliver's Hunger Dragon" Picture Book. I found several, but the six below were ones I enjoyed. Hope you do too.

Kids Against Hunger by Jon Mikkelsen: This was one of the few books I found for the 6-10 group, and it was written specifically for the Kids Against Hunger Campaign. Two boys want to know why a team mate is not at every practice. They set out to find out why, and end up helping in the fight against hunger themselves.

One Hen by Katie Smith Milway: I loved this book. It demonstrates how one small thing, like a hen, can lift a person, a family, and a community out of poverty.

Seven Hungry Babies by Candace Fleming: Again not on hunger explicitly, but it shows how a mother bird struggles to feed her seven hungry chicks. It would be easy to use this book to start a family discussion on how hard it is to provide for a family, and why some kids do not have enough to eat.

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan: Great book about what a soup kitchen does and why when a little boy accompanies his uncle to the soup kitchen he works in.

One Potato, Two Potato by Cynthia Defelice: Rewrite of a legend, but done very well as an old couple living a meager existence discovers a magic pot. 

Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier: Again this book shows a family in poverty with too little to eat and no chance of attending school until Beatrice receives a goat. This highlights the Heifer Organization, which I believe is one of the best this ways to help families around the world.


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