Writers! Taking Care of Your Own is Not Enough.

I was a firm believer in the need to care for your own before you care for someone else. Then, I started on my campaign to write about hunger, and learned more than I set out to learn.

One in every eight people on earth go to bed hungry! To me that number is almost inconceivable. I don't know why it is so shocking. World hunger organizations have been trying to stem the tide for decades. For years, I have seen images like this:                                    

But it wasn't until I read Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier that I decided to expand my horizons from America to the world. This is a book about how one goat changed the life of a hungry family--and especially the life of one little girl--in Uganda and ended their hunger. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Heifer Project International (a group, I wholeheartedly support), but my question for all the authors, writers, and would-be writers out there is simple: Why are you not helping to spread the word on hunger? Why not include a note in your blogs, or use the element in your stories and books, or even contribute a percentage of proceeds? Maybe if we start caring about hunger in the world, we can help find a solution and make sure no kid goes to bed hungry. Taking care of our own is not enough. The world's kids deserve better. Ask, yourself: "What can I do to help?" 

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