In President Obama's 2008 campaign, he promised to end childhood hunger by 2015. Are we close?

The only answer is--NO! In 2008, there were 17 million hungry kids living in America, and that number was a 4 million increase from 2007.  Now, six years after the President's promise, there are 16 million hungry kids in our country. Have we seen improvement? Not much.

America is one of the richest countries in the world, so why are we still allowing children to go to bed hungry? If children are really our future--and I firmly believe they are--then why are we wasting our most precious resource? 

Children need good nutrition to grow, develop cognitive thinking, and to become the Einsteins we need in the future. Many people like Michelle Obama are spreading the word about the impact of good nutrition on a child's mind and body. However, telling people who have little what they should be eating is not helping. According to NOKIDHUNGRY, 85% of low income families want to make healthy meals for their kids, but 50% are not able to do so. 

When I was discussing this with a friend, she brought up the possibility that perhaps a percentage of these families do not know how to find the bargains or create the meals that could save money for them while providing nutrition. I agree. So, my next few blogs will be primers for shopping, selecting, and preparing meals that will both save money and be nutritious.

I leave you with one thought for the week on happiness. It is a quote from The Art of Living by Wilfred A. Peterson "Happiness does not depend upon a full pocketbook, but upon a mind full of rich thoughts and a heart full of rich emotions."

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