As a member of the Institute of Children's Literature, I am privileged to get a heads up on other authors new releases. Here are two--one is for kids and one is for Young Adults.

Comet is a splendid and itchy fish. He comes from an eccentric family of brilliantly colored scratchers. But Comet holds a dark secret. The secret is he hates scratching. He is tired of being exceptional. All he wants to be is average. One day while he is alone, a rock tumbles. Comet is presented with the opportunity to leave his crooked little pond, his scratchy family, and to enter an ordinary world. Without another thought, he leaps into the mainstream full of anonymity and dangers. 

Wiggle-Wiggle, Scratch-Scratch, Itch-Itch-Itch is the first book for JoJo Cookie (and it won't be her last). Get your copy of this beautiful story at See JoJo at

Sixteen-year-old Cara Tillman, a descendant from the mythical phoenix bird, is nearing her rebirth where she will forget everything, including the love of her life, Logan. She attempts to embrace her last days with him even though it means drawing deadly phoenix hunters to her doorstep.

INTO THE FIRE by Kelly Hashway is scheduled to be released this Spring. Kelly is a fantastic author of Young Adult paranormal novels, children's picture books, contemporary romances (under Ashley Drake), and has a Middle Grade novel coming out this Fall. You can follow her blog at

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