Bully Injustice

When did recording a bully's taunts become wire-tapping?

That is the question I would like to ask South Fayette High School principal Scott Milburne. This story hit the news last week, and it still has me reeling. All of you who read my blog know how I feel about bullying. It needs to stop!

So why didn't the Pennsylvania high school teachers step up and stop the bullying of their 15 year old student?

It seems that the young student was taunted on a daily basis for several months by other kids, and most of it was done right in front of his teachers.  According to him, bullies had tripped, shoved, taunted, and even threatened to burn him with a cigarette lighter. When no one stepped forward to stop it, the boy decided to prove he was being bullied by recording the bullies themselves. He made a seven minute recording of an incident in math class that occurred while the teacher was working with him to solve a problem. In the recording, the bullies were clearly heard taunting him in front of the teacher, and the teacher did nothing. Of course, we cannot hear this recording for ourselves because the principal ordered it erased. Then he called police and told them to arrest the 15 year old for wire-tapping. 

I would like to know where the school's mission statement comes into play in the scheme of things. 

"The mission of the South Fayette School District, in partnership with the community, is to cultivate academic, artistic, and athletic excellence by instilling a spirit of collaboration and communication to develop confident, ethical, and responsible leaders."

Allowing the bullying of a student is not developing confident, ethical, and responsible leaders. It is creating a hostile and confrontational environment that allows dishonest, and dishonorable students to wreak havoc on the vulnerable. 

My heart goes out to this 15 year old. I hope he can recover from this episode and become a confident, ethical, and responsible community leader who stands up for what is right. To the principal, all I can say is "STOP BULLYING by teaching kids how to treat everyone with respect, and help teachers stand up for what is right and put a stop to bullying immediately."

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