A Moment of Silence This Week the Children on Board MH17

Every day, thousands of children die of disease, hunger, infections, poverty, the lack of clean water, and as victims of violence. All of them are senseless deaths, and the majority of those deaths can be prevented if we would just all get along. But that is not the case as we saw this week when Malaysia Air Flight MH17 was shot out of the sky.

298 people were on board this flight when it was shot down over the Ukraine. We lost scholars, AIDS scientists, activists, vacationers, families, and eighty kids. Think of it EIGHTY children. Eighty. Infants to teenagers. Exuberantly buckling into their seats for their journey home or to a vacation destination. Not a care in the world. Probably laughing, reading, listening to music, or taking a quick nap. Some, more than likely, on their first flight, others, old hands at flying.

Then some idiot who has no care for human life fired a missile into the air and shattered all of their futures and ours. 

While it is true that in the world of children 29,000 die each and every minute of each and every day, the loss of 80 in a single second might be considered by some as just another bleep on the statistical horizon, it is so much more. Who knows who those children might have become. One of them could have been the next Picasso or Mozart, Jules Verne or Nadine Gordimer, Einstein or Jonas Salk. No one knows because their lives were cut short.

So this week, I ask for a moment of silence for the loss of 80 children who loved, who had hopes, and who had dreams, and for the rest of the world who will never see the future these children could have created for us. 

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