Wednesday Rave: Bored Kids? Make a Volcano!

Summer is a time when kids relish the outdoors, but what are kids to do when it rains. Play video games? Watch TV? How about using their imaginations. Here is one project that might take the boredom out of the kids. (And it's educational too)

Make a Volcano!

What you need: 

  1. a funnel with a large enough spout to hold a paper towel or toilet paper roll
  2. A sturdy platform for the volcano-can be 2 sheets of poster board, an old cutting board, or even a baking pan
  3. Plaster of Paris gauze
  4. a bowl of water
  5. water colors and paint brush
  6. 1 tbs. baking soda
  7. 1/4 cup of vinegar
  8. red food coloring


  1. Cover your work area with newspapers
  2. Gather all of your supplies
  3. Put the funnel in the middle of the platform
  4. Insert the paper roll into the funnel spout (Make sure it goes all the way to the bottom and leave at least 1 inch sticking out at the top.)
  5. Soak the gauze in the bowl of water until they are soft
  6. Wrap the wet Plaster of Paris gauze around the funnel until it is completely covered.
  7. Let dry-usually one hour
  8. Pain the sides of your volcano with the water colors. Remember it is a mountain.
  9. Let dry
  10. Now you are ready to see your volcano spew lava. Pour the baking soda into the spout.
  11. Add food coloring to the vinegar until it is the color you want
  12. Pour the vinegar into the spout
  13. Stand back and watch the lava foam out of the top of your volcano.
Here is a picture of one my grand daughter made.

For the educational part: Look up the ring of fire and see where all the volcanoes are, how dangerous they are, how often they erupt, and what happens when they do erupt. Makes for a fun afternoon!

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