Wednesday's Rantings and Ravings: Picture Books to Rave About

As a participant in Julie Hedlund's 12X12 challenge, I am not only writing picture book drafts, but I am anxiously reading new releases too. This week's "Rave" is for three books I found that made me laugh, and warmed my heart. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

 Under the Same Sun by Sharon Robinson is a heart warming account of family. Written about a reunion visit to Tanzania for the author's mother's eighty-fifth birthday, it takes the reader on a journey that celebrates the loving bond of a family even though they live thousands of miles from each other. As an added bonus, Robinson included a world map showing where Tanzania is located, pictures of a Tanzanian meal, and a small glossary of Swahili words used in the text.

 Shoe Dog by Megan McDonald is a hilarious book about a dog who has    trouble resisting the urge to eat his human's new shoes. "Shoe Dog Liked    to chew. And chew, and chew."    Chewing is great for dogs, but for Shoe Dog it leads to big trouble. Can he quit chewing? Will his human return him to the shelter? Shoe Dog's struggle to break a bad habit will make the both of you laugh.

      Some Bugs by Angela Diterlizzi has a lot of bugs! The artwork by                 Brendan Wenzel is outstanding. There are bugs that fly and buzz, and             ones that hide and hunt. It's full of bugs and what they do. Kids will be excited to do what the book suggests: "Grab you magnifying glass!" What a great idea for a summer outing. 


Note:  Wednesday's blogs are now the rantings and ravings of yours truly. Tune in next Wednesday to see what I am ranting about.

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