Wednesday's Rave: Zoo on the Moon

I am excited to share this week's rave with you. It is a picture book by Robin Martin-Duttman titled ZOO ON THE MOON.

I have been hearing nattering about this book for several months, but could never remember to order it. Then came a contest, and I won it! And, while I am thrilled that I finally won something, I am discouraged that I didn't order it when it first came out.

This delightful book, a Purple Dragonfly Award Honorable Mention, is built on an outlandish idea of a zoo on the moon. Told in rhyme through the perspective of a Meerkat, it introduces young readers to the wonder of weightlessness and space through dancing giraffes, gliding penguins, and flying elephants. Never has science been so much fun! 

The author's playful use of words captures the readers attention, and the colorful and playful illustrations will make them giggle with pure joy. If you have a little one at home, pick up this book. Nothing makes someone's heart happier than a child's laugh, so go make your heart happy and buy a copy of the Zoo on the Moon. 

In addition to the Purple Dragonfly Award Honorable Mention, Zoo on the Moon was selected by IBLIBRARY for their primary years program. You can check out Robin Martin-Duttmann on Facebook, her Amazon page, or her website at 

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