A Call for Children to Speak

It's Fall again, and with this new season comes a desire to reaffirm the goals and mission--yes, I said mission--of this blog. As those of you who follow this blog know, I have dedicated this year to the numerous issues kids face throughout the world. I've highlighted bullying, child hunger, domestic abuse, child abuse, child trafficking, and drunk driving just to name a few. However, as universal as these issues are, I do not feel that I have successfully shown the emotional impact kids feel when something happens to them. So this year as I continue my mission to raise awareness on all the things that children face, I will be adding the thoughts, prayers, and concerns from children who want to speak.

Yes, I will still provide the startling statistics that make us want to jump out of our skins at the reality of them, but nothing drives a point home as what really happens to a child in their heart and mind when they face something like hunger, abuse, or even abandonment. I will be searching for stories from kids who feel a need to speak out, to share their experience so the pain will stop. 

This is where you, my followers and visitors, come in. If you know a child who wants to share his/her story, please let me know. And, since most trauma a child faces is spoken of in prayer, I would like to receive any and all child's prayers no matter how simple or complex they are. If a child speaks, I want this blog to hear. Send your ideas, children's prayers, children's thoughts on what is happening in the world and in their own lives, their stories, their concerns, their loves, and their dreams to sherryalexanderwrites@gmail.com. 

A note to parents, grandparents, and friends: If your child has something to say, but is too young to write it, please write their words down for them. Also, if they care to share a drawing of their concern, please include that with your email. I want the world to know what children are thinking. Children are our future, so let's hear what they have to say.

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