Wednesday's Rave: Milo and the Green Wagon

Milo, pictured as a polar bear, wakes up one morning and tells God "today, I want to make a difference." He sets out to ask his friends to help, and on the way he discovers a beat up old green wagon in the trash. With the help of his friends and the green wagon, Milo discovers making a difference can begin with one A.C.T.

Written by Lisa Umina and published in 2008 by Halo Publishing International, Milo and the Green Wagon, is a book that touches the heart through Milo's relationship with God, and his desire to make a difference. 

I believe that all of us hope that someday or somehow, our presence on earth will make a difference for someone or something. For Milo the desire was there, and when he found the wagon, he and his friends knew it could be used to make something great happen. Together, they reached out to their neighbors and friends. They opened their hearts in kindness, and through that kindness, Milo made a difference. 

No, I won't tell you the story's plot. You need to find that for yourselves, and it is worth the read to discover it. Pick up a copy today, and share it with a young one. It is never too early to help children understand how important they are, and how no matter how small they are--they, too, can make a difference. Milo and the Green Wagon is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or you can find it at

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