Child Abuse Series: SHARE SOME SECRETS

Child abuse takes many forms. Some children suffer neglect, while others suffer bodily injury through violence. In America alone, Child Protective Services confirmed 686,000 children suffered some form of abuse in 2012. 

However, those figures only represent the number of kids' cases that were actually reported and investigated. What about the kids who are abused, but are too afraid to tell? Should they keep their secret? How do you tell a child which secrets are good and which ones are bad? British author, Christina Gabbitas, may have the answer.

"I realize that this is a very sensitive subject and is a huge challenge, but  is something I feel very passionate about," says Christina. "We teach our children to look out when crossing the road, and we teach them to swim, to keep them safe in water. I want to educate children from a young age, about the differences between good and bad secrets, and to give them the confidence to speak out."

Since secrets can be a sensitive subject for parents, Christina decided to make an audio of her book, and to provide it free. She wanted to reassure parents, caregivers, and teachers that "there is nothing scary for children to read within the book." 

You can listen to it yourself first, then share it with your child. Or, listen first, then buy a copy to share with your child. Here is the link:

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