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CHILD ABUSE SERIES: The Death of a Child

No one wants to think about the death of a child. I know I don't. But when I started researching the facts for this series, I was startled to learn that 5 kids die from abuse each and every day in the U.S., and that number is greatly under reported. Why are these deaths under-reported? First, it is not always easy for medical professionals to determine whether or not a child has been abused. Yes, there are certain injuries such as traumatic brain injuries to infants from shaken baby syndrome, or unusual fractures that only occur from bending or twisting, or deep bruising and cuts left by belts, switches, or whatever was handy at the moment, that immediately cause doctors to launch a child abuse investigation. However, there are many cases of criminal neglect that are never reported to an investigator. Second, most states only report the deaths of children who are already in the system. If a child is not being monitored by social services, then the death is not included in the stat…


The Way Of The Wombat: The Quest for Gray Ironbark

Author: AdriAnne Strickland
Release Date: February 2, 2015
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Publisher: WhomBatz, LLC

Which Way would you follow? When Laz, a young wombat, goes from playing a game with his friend Kita in their idyllic tribal village to witnessing the nightmare of a Tasmanian devil attack, he reacts in the only way he can: he fights back. He accidentally kills a devil while trying to save his sister, but his sister is still taken captive. To make matters worse, the tribal elders banish Laz, Kita and Zeeg—the three youths who fought back—for failing to follow the way of the wombat. Frustrated and adrift, the three friends embark on a quest through red rocky deserts and deep eucalyptus jungles to discover their own way. With a cheerful koala warrior as a guide and a wise platypus as their trainer, they hope to survive long enough to find a legendary weapon that could save their tribe and Laz’s sister from t…

Child Abuse Series: Why Is Emotional Abuse Difficult To Identify?

When a child is physically abused, there is visual evidence of the injury.  Various degrees of bruising and broken bones are just a few of the numerous injuries that can be attributed to child abuse. However, child abuse does not always cause physical injury. Some abuse is emotional, and psychological, social, emotional, and cognitive injuries are very difficult to identify. So, what is emotional abuse. The accepted definition in most circles is defined as an ongoing pattern of behavior on the part of parents and/or caregivers that is detrimental to a child's welfare, development, and psychological well-being. The old saying, "Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me," is far from true. Sure kids often resort to name calling when they are upset, and usually as long as it is not a case of bullying, the incident is quickly forgotten. But when a child is constantly belittled, rejected, or even terrorized, the words do hurt, and the hurt is far deep…