Kids Are Still Hungry!

It's 2015, and kids are still going hungry. One in five kids are still facing hunger, and that is unacceptable. 

If you follow my blog, you know that kids are my passion. You also know that Feeding America, the Portland Police Bureau's Sunshine Division, and the Clark County, WA Food Bank are especially important to me in the fight against child hunger. Each of these organizations devote their resources to feeding kids and their families. Why? Because without the proper nutrition, our nation's children are an endangered species. 

How can I say that? Have you ever seen a hungry child? Now, I am not talking about the kid who missed lunch because he wanted to play basketball instead. I am talking about the child who didn't have dinner last night or the night before. The child who has no food in the cupboard at home, or the one whose parent(s) has to decide whether to buy food or keep the house warm. The child who has lost the energy to keep up with other kids. The child who is sick more often that not. The child who can't focus on schoolwork. The child who may stand off by his/herself and appears anti-social. The child who has a hollowness in his/her belly that shows in the eyes. 

How can anyone say that a child suffering from hunger is not an endangered species. Yes, some schools supply reduced or free lunches, and some even supply breakfast. But, not all do, and that means that a lot of kids have no idea when they will have their next meal. 

I wrote Oliver's Hunger Dragon to spread the word about hunger and how it affects kids. But you don't have to write a book to help end hunger and save our kids. You can . . . 

  • Help support your local food bank--give food and/or give your time
  • Organize a food drive
  • Spread the word about hunger and what it does to kids
  • If your school does not have a free lunch or breakfast program, start one
  • Become an advocate--speak out to your legislators--make them see what hunger does

You and I can make a difference!  Help save our kids.

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