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Stop Cyber Bullying Now

It is difficult to find a kid these days who does not use an electronic device. It's been estimated that 75 percent of American kids under the age of 8 and under have access to an electronic device be it a cell phone, a smartphone, or a tablet. Even my 5 year-old grandson is adept at trolling through the internet to find the perfect game on his dad's smart phone. So when I say that cyberbullying is on the rise, it shouldn't be a surprise.

Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that takes place on an electronic device. It's not much different from the traditional playground bullying that still occurs in schools. You know, the kid with an ego problem who finds someone who can't or won''t fight back and singles him/her out for daily abuse--verbal and/or physical. The difference is that cyberbullying can be anonymous, reach a wider audience, and attack at any time of day or night. 
This type of bullying comes in many forms. Pictures, email, and instant messaging …

Teen Stress Can Lead To Depression

One mental illness we don't talk about in depth is depression. Depression is defined as a "feelings of severe despondency and dejection." It is a deep sadness that occurs when the person loses all sense of hope.
Kids Health states that "17 million people of all age groups, races, and economic backgrounds" are victims of depression. But, what is more disconcerting to me is that 1 in 8 teenagers suffer from depression. While there are many physical and emotional factors that lead to this disease--and yes, depression is a disease, I can't help but wonder what role stress plays.

Stress is that emotional tenseness that develops when a person is scared, angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, or worried, and if it is left unchecked it can lead to depression. Take sixteen year old, Amy (not her real name), for example. She missed one week of school because of the flu.

"I missed all of my semi-finals. I knew my teachers expected me to make them up my first day…