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FIRE! Kids Do You Know What To Do In A Fire?

The recent fire in Brooklyn claimed the lives of 7 kids ages 5 to 16. Sparked by a hot plate on the kitchen counter, the reports are that the kids were trapped by the flames. Now, I've never been in a house fire, but I was only 13 when a neighbor 7 year old boy set his garage ablaze with him inside.  There were no adults around, and I was caring for my younger siblings.  My sister called the operator (there was no 9-1-1 in those days) and told her that we needed help. I remember hearing his screams as I tried to fight the fire with a garden hose with my own little brothers watching in horror. 
When my children were young, we made sure they knew what to do in case of a fire. We had a plan. But given that seven people die in home fires every single day according to the National Fire Protection Association, I thought it was time to ask: 
Kids, do you know what to do in a fire?
Know how to get out. You need to have at least two exits to the outside. When our kids were home, they slept …

Kids Emulate Courage and Kindness

If you haven't seen Disney's newly released "Cinderella", I promise this will not be a spoiler. On Friday, we were privileged to view it with two of our grand daughters, and something struck me as a vital component to a child's character--and no it isn't a glass slipper. 
It is simply the words, courage and kindness. These are the words Cinderella's mother gave her daughter to live by, and they are character traits I believe are inherent in every child.  What does it mean for kids to have courage and kindness? It means that they have have an inborn strength that allows them to face danger, fear, pain, grief, and sadness with compassion, empathy, bravery, boldness, and spunk. It allows them to face the ravages of cancer, disease, loneliness, abandonment, and hunger. And, it is the kindness in them that is seen when they smile through their pain to offer comfort to another child, a parent, a grandparent, or even a stranger in need. 
Yes, there are many kids…