Kids? Have you read Squirrel Wars?

Squirrels are usually thought of as docile, playful creatures that spend their days wandering from tree to tree in search of their next meal. But are they really?

In the book Squirrel Wars, a young red squirrel named Rowen is anxious to learn about the Grey Invaders--the army responsible for his father's death. His mother insists that Rowen's siblings not talk about the monsters with great big teeth that slash and devour red squirrels, but let their little brother enjoy life on their little hill surrounded by forest. Then Rowen meets a new squirrel--one he has never seen before. Her coat shines like silver, and she seems to like him. The two become friends, and this is where the story becomes exciting.

Squirrel Wars by English author, Jane Finch, is a story about curiosity, bullies, family, and friendship. Based on an actual rival between the smaller red squirrel and the larger grey, readers follow Rowen as rallies the Reds to outwit the Greys and save his friend, Fern. It is a perfect book for young and old. Available as an ebook or in print, pick up a copy today at Squirrel Wars on Amazon.

Meet author, Jane Finch  

Jane is an author of adult and children's fiction. She has written and published 15 books, and 6 of those are for kids. An amazing woman, Jane is also an editor, proofreader, book reviewer for Reader's Favorite, blogger, and promoter of other author's work at her website Bookchoice4u

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