Kids: How Will You Make A Difference On Earth Day?

Beautiful isn't it? So, how are you going to celebrate Earth Day? What? You don't know about Earth Day? Well, let me share.

Created to acknowledge and demonstrate support for the protection of the environment we enjoy on the planet Earth, Earth Day is an annual event. This is the 45th year that countries around the world have united to show they care about the environment. Everyone can help. Everyone can take part. Age doesn't matter, and since you are the future thinkers, doers, and protectors of our environment, you--all kids--can definitely make a difference. 

Need an idea? Here are four small things you can do to help.


 Make a poster about Earth Day and share it with your family, friends, and classmates.

 Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

 Plant a tree, a bush, or a garden.


Put litter in the trash can not on the ground.

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