Kids: A New Book Just For You--THE EMERALD DRAGON

Are you searching for a new book that will spirit you away to a magical land? An adventure book that features a kidnapping by a DRAGON? Then you will want to check out The Emerald Dragon. It is the sequel to The Well Spring of Magic.

Written by children's author, Jan Fields, this book is destined to be a favorite. Already available on Amazon, it is officially scheduled for release on May 1st. Want to know more? Here is something that will make you want to read more.

Rachel and her creative friends are heading back to the magical realm for a gift-giving party. But the realm magic has an unexpected effect on the gifts they made for the party, and they accidentally conjure up a dragon. When the dragon flies away with Kaida, it will take all of their gifts (and the help of some new friends) to find her and bring her home. 

Meet the Author, Ms. Jan Fields

Jan Fields is the author of dozens of books for children and adults, including many books in the popular Annie's Attic Mysteries series, the Annie's Quilted Mysteries series and the children's book series The Monster Hunters. Her short fiction and articles have appeared in a variety of magazine publications. She lives in Ledyard, Connecticut. Check Jan's website.

Side Note: Jan is an instructor for the Institute of Children's Literature, and a wonderful, caring, and informative mentor to those of us who have graduated from the Institute or are just starting their journey into writing for kids. She has a wealth of knowledge about writing and publishing that she willingly shares. I am proud to highlight her new book, and recommend her books--of which I own several--wholeheartedly.

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