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My Teacher of the Year!

Everyone at some time in their life had a teacher who inspired and encouraged their progress. Mine was my high school science teacher, "Mr. K". He provided the platform for his students to think outside of the box, ask questions, and occasionally make their own solutions. I never thought I would come across another teacher like him until I met Mrs. Amy Avery. Mrs. Avery is my grand daughter's 4th grade teacher at River Homelink in Battle Ground. She has my grand daughter in her class two days a week. When we lost our daughter last summer, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of home schooling my grand daughter. I wasn't sure if I could do it, and my grand daughter wasn't sure either. 
Mrs. Avery was the one who stepped forward. She built me a lifesaving platform, encouraged me to think outside the box, let me ask all the questions I could think of, and helped me find solutions to all the problems that come with homeschooling a ten year old through 4th grade. For my…

Is it a Case of Test Anxiety?

You've completed all your work for this semester, taken notes, studied until late at night, and arrived early to school for your final, so what's up with the sweaty hands, rapid heartbeat, and that "I'm going to puke!" feeling in the pit of your stomach? Sounds like you have a case of "TEST ANXIETY!"It's not unusual to feel a little nervous before a test especially a final exam. After all, this is where what you have learned throughout the semester is judged by how well you answer the questions presented. But if that little butterfly feeling in your belly causes you to freeze before you enter the room, maybe these tips will help.Get a good night sleep before the test. That means no staying up to midnight to cram for the exam. Rest your body and your brain.
Eat a good breakfast. Try to stay away from the sugar cereal, chocolate croissants, muffins, or the pancakes with syrup. Loading yourself with sugar or a lot of carbohydrates will not feed your br…

Homework, Homework, and more Homework!

School is almost out, but there still is the problem of homework. No one likes it, and with soccer, baseball, football, and all the other sports beckoning your time, homework is the last thing you want to do. After all, it is work! Am I right?  Unfortunately, there are only two choices when it comes to homework: ignore it and spend another year in the same grade; or, get busy, get it done, and move on.  Here are five things you might try to make these last days of school a little easier. ·At school: When your teacher(s) give you an assignment or you still need to finish a project, don’t just toss the paper in your backpack. Put it into a simple folder marked “Homework”. Use the same one for all of your classes. This will keep all the work together and make it easier to find. ·At school: Put the homework folder in your backpack. Do not put it in your desk. How can you do it if it is at school? Then, TAKE IT HOME! ·At home: Give yourself a break. Your brain needs time to unwind and so do yo…