My Teacher of the Year!

Everyone at some time in their life had a teacher who inspired and encouraged their progress. Mine was my high school science teacher, "Mr. K". He provided the platform for his students to think outside of the box, ask questions, and occasionally make their own solutions. I never thought I would come across another teacher like him until I met Mrs. Amy Avery.

Mrs. Avery is my grand daughter's 4th grade teacher at River Homelink in Battle Ground. She has my grand daughter in her class two days a week. When we lost our daughter last summer, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of home schooling my grand daughter. I wasn't sure if I could do it, and my grand daughter wasn't sure either. 

Mrs. Avery was the one who stepped forward. She built me a lifesaving platform, encouraged me to think outside the box, let me ask all the questions I could think of, and helped me find solutions to all the problems that come with homeschooling a ten year old through 4th grade. For myself, my grand daughter, and my son-in-law, she has been fantastic. I know, being fantastic isn't that unusual for teachers, but there is more.

Mrs. Avery not only teaches 50 fourth graders four days a week (a Mon/Thurs and a Tues/Fri class), she also home schools her own three children--and her kids are just as amazing! 

What makes her even more special is her compassion, empathy, and kindness. She really cares about her students, their parents, and the learning journey. She personally motivates her students to do the best they can do, and when they try to slack off, she encourages them with a smile, several kind words, and a positive attitude that makes them feel that they can conquer the world. I know because I have seen it in my grand daughter. And, I know because she has done the same for me.

There may be no awards waiting in the wings, but there should be. Amy Avery is definitely my Teacher of the Year!

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