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Hippo Bottomless: A wonderful new book by children's author, Allyn M. Stotz

"Echo can't swim like his Hippo friends. All he does is splash, splash, splash as he sinks, sinks, sinks to the cold murky bottom. Can some friends he meets along the way help or is he destined to spend his life sinking to the bottom, bottom, bottom.?"
This new book my children's author, Allyn Stotz, is a heartwarming story about a baby Hippo named Echo who just can't get the hang of swimming. No matter how hard he tries, he just keeps sinking to the bottom. Anxious to join all the other Hippos, Echo reaches out to his animal friends, Ribbit, Quack, and Otto, for help. The trio tries to show Echo how easy it is, but he still sinks to the bottom. 
Sure he will never be able to swim like all the other Hippos, Echo is sad--but then he discovers something unique about Hippos. Want to know what that is? Then read the cutest children's picture book I have read in a long time--Hippo Bottomless. Allyn's story is delightfully engaging and the illustrations by Val…

The Encouraging Thunder Award!

When you think of thunder, what crosses your mind? A short rumble or a loud roar? For me it is a loud roar--one that can be heard for miles and is the announcement of bigger and better things to come (that is if you enjoy lightening--and I do). So imagine my surprise when I read the blog by my friend and fellow children's author, Allyn Stotz, and discovered that she was giving me the "Encouraging Thunder" Award.
From what I have learned about this award, it is given to encourage bloggers who try to keep their message loud and clear to be strong and to make their own thunder, so to speak.  When I started this blog it was to write what is right. It is still one of my goals which is why I write specifically to the kids, their parents, and to anyone who cares about children. But through time, I have added another goal, and that is to occasionally feature children's books by writers I admire. It is my hope that these books will inspire a child to read because reading is …

Intentional Mothers by Ms. Nancy Fertig

This year was a journey for both myself and my 10 year-old grand daughter. Her mom devoted herself to making sure she and her older sister had the best education possible, and that education was delivered through Class Link. Class Link is a shared partnership in education between three days a week of homeschool and two days a week of class room studies. 
While my daughter was an expert at this, I was not. There was so much to learn in order to make sure my grand daughter had the best education. My journey would have been in vain had it not been for her teacher, Mrs. Avery, and one of the most caring, most committed to home schooling, and the most dedicated woman to the idea that parents have a role in their child's education I have met--Mrs. Nancy Fertig. Nancy teaches parents how to partner with the school and become the educators their kids need. She is an outspoken advocate of a shared partnership between teachers and parents in education. This is her tribute to the "Inte…