The Encouraging Thunder Award!

When you think of thunder, what crosses your mind? A short rumble or a loud roar? For me it is a loud roar--one that can be heard for miles and is the announcement of bigger and better things to come (that is if you enjoy lightening--and I do). So imagine my surprise when I read the blog by my friend and fellow children's author, Allyn Stotz, and discovered that she was giving me the "Encouraging Thunder" Award.

From what I have learned about this award, it is given to encourage bloggers who try to keep their message loud and clear to be strong and to make their own thunder, so to speak.  When I started this blog it was to write what is right. It is still one of my goals which is why I write specifically to the kids, their parents, and to anyone who cares about children. But through time, I have added another goal, and that is to occasionally feature children's books by writers I admire. It is my hope that these books will inspire a child to read because reading is the way our kids can really secure their future.

There are no strings attached to this award other than to post it on your blog, and when the time comes share it with another blogger you admire. Allyn has been a source of inspiration for me. She has published three children's books so far, and is working on several more. Her mother and her sister are also authors. You can check her and her books out at Allyn Stotz

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