Kids: Another Great Book by Kelly Hashway-FISH DETECTIVES

Aquariums seem to be more popular than ever. Businesses use them to brighten their lobbies. Doctor's offices set them up to calm their patients. And, schools install them for life exhibits and science projects. And why not? Watching various types of fish in a semi-natural habitat can be mesmerizing. But have you ever wondered what the fish were thinking as they swim around their little homes filled with treasure chests, divers, pink castles, and bubbling clams? Do they wonder where it all came from?

Well, in Kelly Hashway's latest picture book, Fish Detectives, two goldfish are tasked with solving the mystery of the treasure chest.  

Gus, a black goldfish, tells Alexander and Horatio that there's a "treasure chest" at the end of the tank and no one knows where it came from. Anxious to prove their worth as detectives they take on the job. They discover the chest, but there is a creature hovering over it. "Is it a fish or a human?" asks Horatio, and their journey to the truth begins.

This is a great book for all of you age 4 to 8 years who love mysteries, fish, and aquariums. The story, enhanced by the beautiful illustrations by the award winning K.C. Snider, draws you in and keeps you in suspense. You can order your paperback copy at amazon or visit Goodreads to learn more.

Meet Kelly Hashway

If you follow my blog, you know about Kelly. A mother first and foremost, she is also an accomplished children's writer who writes Young Adults and Middle Grade novels and Picture Books. Her latest picture book, Pepe' Maurice Pierre, was highlighted here last week. But maybe you didn't know that she has also written over seventy short stories for children many of which are used in school reading programs. (That's how I found her and soon became one of her biggest fans!) To find out more, please visit her website at Kelly Hashway.

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