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Kids: Do you know what the word refugee means?

My grand daughter launched one of her video games by King.Com, and was presented  with a request for a donation to help the refugees flooding into Europe from the war-torn Middle East. That simple request became a deep discussion on what the word refugee meant, so I ask it here. Kids, do you know what the word refugee means? Do you understand who refugees are? And, do the images of refugees on the news scare you?
First, the simple definition of the word "refugee" is person who has to leave their home for safety. It is usually used for people who leave their country because of war, severe hunger, or a catastrophe like an earthquake. 
In the case of the thousands of refugees we see on the news who are going to Europe, the reason they have left their country is war. War--any war--is a terrible thing. People's homes are destroyed, and many people lose their lives. When a country cannot make people safe from violence, people fearing for their lives and the lives of their chi…

Kids: Six ideas you can do to help stop hunger.

Have you ever been so hungry at school that you thought your stomach would never stop growling? Weren't you happy to hear the lunch bell ring? Now, imagine how you would feel if you went to get your lunch bag, and it wasn't there. What would you do? Call your mom? Ask a friend to share? Go without? Well, if you are like 1 out of every 4 kids in America, or 1 in every 6 kids in Canada, you would go without. Why? Because that is how many kids go hungry every single day. For them, hunger is a way of life. Their cupboards and refrigerators are bare more often than not. Yes, some schools offer free lunches to kids who cannot afford to buy one. And, some even provide breakfasts. However, for the vast number of kids suffering from hunger that free lunch is the only meal they will eat all day, and when the weekend comes they won't even have that meal. 
So what can you do to help? First, learn about hunger. Check out Feeding America for more information, or read Oliver's Hunge…

Kids: Do you say Thank you?

Two simple words that are worth their weight in gold are "Thank You," yet so many kids forget to say them when the situation warrants it. Do you say thank you? If not, why not? 
Now, I'm not talking about those great big THANK YOUs given for the special gift your parents buy you. Those are easy to give. I'm talking about the everyday thank you's. You know, the ones you should give when someone holds the door open for you, or let's you go first in the lunch line, or shares their glue stick with you in art class, or even gives you first kick at the ball. The simple everyday courtesies that happen to you every single day. Some of you may be asking, "What? I'm suppose to say thank you for all of that?" In a word--YES!
Saying thank you is way to show your appreciation. It's a sign of good manners or a way to show you consider the feelings of others. It's based on the Golden Rule which simply means that you should treat everyone the way you w…