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Kids: Do you exercise your brain?

Did you know that you have an amazing brain? Your brain is the control center of your body. it tells your body what to do. Everything from blinking your eyes to taking a breath, from dreaming at night to waking up in the morning wouldn't happen if it wasn't for that powerful computer you've got sitting inside your head. So what does that amazing brain need to take care of you? Would you believe exercise?
Did I say exercise? Yep! You know that exercise gets your heart pumping faster, speeds up your breathing, builds your muscles, and even makes you feel better. But exercise also helps your brain. 
When you are exercising--skating, playing basketball or football, kicking a soccer goal, running, or even climbing the jungle gym--you are sending more blood and oxygen to your brain. When that oxygen rich blood combines with other natural elements in your body, you brain cells grow which makes your brain feel better. And when it feels better, it helps you find the answer to tha…

Kids: Who do you see in that mirror?

"Mirror, mirror, on my desk, am I really that grotesque?"
According to several recent surveys of teens, it seems that almost half of you feel that you are anything but special, unique, or beautiful. Now I know life is difficult, and most of you deal with self-image issues on a daily basis.  And, I know there are people who constantly tell you that you should do more, be more, feel more, and succeed more. All of that is well and good as long as you don't buckle under the pressure and start to feel that you will never live up to expectations. But maintaining a positive self image and realizing just how beautiful you really are is important. 
What's a self-image?To put it simply, it's the picture of yourself that you carry in your mind. It's what you think and feel about yourself. It's the person you think you see in the mirror every day. Well I am here to tell you that you are beautiful inside and out.  But you need to tell yourself that, too.  How can you…

Kids: Are You What You Eat?

How many times have you heard "you are what you eat" from your parents, school, or your family doctor? Dozens of time? Hundreds of times? Well, you won't hear it here. Instead, I will just tell you to be watchful of what you eat and be educated on the nutritional value of that afternoon cookie and morning "Caramel  Macchiato with extra caramel sauce." However, there is a movement that I think you, as young consumers and eaters, need to know about. What is it? It's a campaign to put a fast food infomercial in school as part of your nutrition education.
Now, this isn't a new idea. Many fast food chains have worked to get their name and their products in schools. And, I can bet that the majority of you out there don't really care one way or another. In fact, I would imagine that by the time you are in 3rd grade, most of you have already determined what you like to eat. However, it is still easy to change your eating habits given the right push or a bi…