Kids: Do you exercise your brain?

 Did you know that you have an amazing brain? Your brain is the control center of your body. it tells your body what to do. Everything from blinking your eyes to taking a breath, from dreaming at night to waking up in the morning wouldn't happen if it wasn't for that powerful computer you've got sitting inside your head. So what does that amazing brain need to take care of you? Would you believe exercise?

Did I say exercise? Yep! You know that exercise gets your heart pumping faster, speeds up your breathing, builds your muscles, and even makes you feel better. But exercise also helps your brain. 

When you are exercising--skating, playing basketball or football, kicking a soccer goal, running, or even climbing the jungle gym--you are sending more blood and oxygen to your brain. When that oxygen rich blood combines with other natural elements in your body, you brain cells grow which makes your brain feel better. And when it feels better, it helps you find the answer to that math problem no one else seems to be able to solve. 

So, if you want to take care of that amazing computer called your brain, exercise your body. Get up and get out. 


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