Kids: Thank you for making this a season of sharing.

When so much is heard about the wants and dreams of kids, it is time to say thank you to all the kids who see a need and fill it with their sharing. 

Sharing is giving something to someone else. It can be as simple as giving your time, or your energy, or something that you own or have, or your help.  It's a skill everyone--I hope--learns before you even walk. A baby learns to share a toy with a parent. A toddler shares crayons with other toddlers at day care. Students share their time, their ideas, and their supplies with classmates. But does sharing stop there? For some the answer is yes, but for the kindhearted giving persons that I find most kids to be, the answer is "No". 

It has been my pleasure to watch many acts of kindness--or sharing--initiated by kids. I've seen kids drop their money into contribution boxes, kids who have noticed that someone does not have a lunch at school and have shared theirs, kids who have packed food baskets at food banks, kids who have spent time reading stories to the elderly, kids who have collect coats and blankets for the homeless, and kids who have given their own toys to boys and girls without any. 

Every time I witness these acts of sharing, I am blessed and so is the rest of the world. For I truly believe that one act of sharing deletes one act of selfishness. So, thank you to all the kids out there who have made this a season for sharing. I am confident that our future is secure in your hands.

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