A Chance to Win a Free Book and to Meet the Amazing Author of the Wickware Sagas: Penny Estelle

Exciting books are often taken from legends, or myths. They didn't begin as books, but as stories that may or may not have been based on a true event. Those stories were then shared with friends who shared it with their friends. Each story teller added something to the original story until it evolved into a legend that cannot be proved or dismissed. One story teller who has taken historical legends to a new level is Penny Estelle, author of The Wickware Sagas. This is her story.

Good morning, Sherry.   First, I would like to thank you for letting me stop by to visit.  I really appreciate it.  I want to tell you and your readers about my series called The Wickware Sagas.

A few years back I was visiting my daughter in Utah and my ten-year old grandson was playing with some of his friends.  Somehow, the subject of William Tell came up and not one of these boys had any idea who William Tell was.  This is how my series, The Wickware Sagas, started.  It seems so much of our history is getting lost, especially when it comes to historical legends. 

Miss Wickware is a history teacher for 7th and 8th grades students at Langdon Middle School in Phoenix, AZ.  Rumor has it that strange things happened in her class.  Is she a witch?  Is she from another planet?  Nobody can, or will, talk too much about what has happened.  Yea…probably just rumors…or are they? 

Every year, she gives an assignment for an oral book report.  Each student will draw a name from a box and then give an oral report on whom they have chosen and somehow, one of these students ends up face to face with their drawn subject.  How does this happen?  How do they go back in time, and more importantly, how do they get home?

Sounds Interesting? Here is a list of books in the series.

Riches to Rags    Richest kid in school finds himself on a 1875 Orphan Train with no money and no way of getting home.


Bumped Back In Time   What does a twenty-first century tom-boy and the most famous poem ever written, have in common?

Flash to the Past    Can the snooty school princess and the nerdy braniac work together to find their way back from the 18th century?

Ride of a Lifetime    A bully learns the meaning of humility and trust when he lands in 1777 on the Ride of a Lifetime. 

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare     Billy Cooper shrugs off a history assignment until he comes face to face with a 14th Century legendary hero! 

These five short stories can be found wherever digital stories are sold or in paperback Amazon.  They can also be found on Penny's Amazon Author page and MuseItUp Publishing

Thanks so much taking a look today!  I would like to offer a copy of any of the Wickware eBooks to one chosen commenter!  Be sure to leave an email address!

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