Kids: Just say "No" is not old news!

This week was a time to remember a great lady, First Lady Nancy Reagan, and her plea to kids to "Just say No". It's easy to say, "Yeah, but that is such old news." But while there is a slight decline in drug abuse by kids, kids are still using, popping, smoking, and drinking their way through life. So, "Just say no" is not old news. 

I'm not going to bore you with facts. We all know that you are extremely smart, and if you want to get high on something besides yourself, you can get your hands on alcohol, pills, inhalants, or whatever. Notice, I said "High on yourself?"

As you've heard me say multiple times, you are the future. You are creative, thoughtful, imaginative, and amazing human beings. Here are three things you can do to remind yourself of how wonderful you are.

  1. Volunteer. I know, you've heard me say this many times, but volunteering whether it's at a foodbank, the Red Cross, school, an animal clinic, or anywhere else helps you realize the greatness in yourself.
  2. Find something you are good at, and work to get even better. This builds your self-esteem and when you build that, you learn that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
  3. Practice saying "No". I know that you already know how to say no. But when you are faced with a friend or friends who offers to share pills, cigarettes, pot, or alcohol can you stand up to them? If you have practice in advance, you will be ready. A simple, "No thank you. I don't need it," may be the only answer you need, but practice makes perfect.

Just saying No is not old news when your health, your happiness, and your life is at stake. I'm not saying that it's easy. I know that it is not. But I have faith in you! You are wonderful human beings, and I am in your corner. Be happy, and be safe just say no to drugs.

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