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My Children's Book Month Feature: Cookies for Punch

Now it's time to introduce you to an amazing new picture book for young and old alike. Cookies for Punch is about a dog who loves his master, Tyler. When Tyler eats some of punch's dog cookies, a magical thing happens--and it isn't good. Find out how Punch uses his smarts to come up with a 'done gone' good idea to save his best pal, Tyler. Published by Guardian Angel, you can find a large print copy of Cookies for Punch at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, and Guardian Angel Publications
Cookies for Punch is a wonderful story from the imagination of children's author, Allyn Stotz and her dog Punch.
Allyn and Punch
Allyn is a children’s book writer with five picture books to her credit: The Pea in Peanut Butter, Kailee Finds Magic IN Words, Hippo Bottomless, The Color of Love and Cookies for Punch. She has also been published in various children’s online magazines.
Allyn came from a family of writers. Her father owned the town newspaper in Edgerton, Ohio while her mothe…

My Children's Book Month Feature: The Majestic Cave by Kelly Hashway

Kelly Hashway's new middle grade novel, Mystery of the Majestic Cave, is out in time to make summer reading fun! It is the continuing adventure of three kids who are trying to bring an end to the Curse of the Granville Fortune (her first book in this series). Want to know more? Look below.
Thirteen-year-old J.B. thought being cursed was bad, but finding out his first crush is going to be eaten by an octopus is more than he can handle. It’s been two months since J.B. met Noelle and Edward and discovered they were the three—receivers of the sight, or more importantly the ones who have to break the curse that’s plagued their families for hundreds of years.
This time their search for the Granville fortune leads them to a place called Majestic Cave. The cave is by the sea, and J.B. knows going near it will put Noelle’s life in danger. With no other choice, the three follow the clues. But as usual, they aren’t the only ones searching for the fortune. The evil Grimaults also know about t…

My Children's Book Month Featuring Blues Bones by Rick Starkey

May is my children's book month highlighting four of the best new releases for your summer reading fun. This week's feature is for BLUES BONES by Rick Starkey.
Thirteen-year-old Rodney Becker has found the perfect cure for stage fright. Voodoo! 
Armed with the stolen finger bones of a dead blues guitar player and a mishmash of voodoo spells from the Internet, he and his best friend enter a graveyard at midnight to perform their ritual. Now, all that stands in his way of winning a local guitar competition is the power of RETURN – a side effect of the voodoo that spells disaster for Rodney. 
His cure has become a curse. How else can he explain jamming his finger so bad he can't hold a guitar pick, his part-time dad stealing his guitar, and his mom getting into an accident that could have taken her life? 
How much is Rodney willing to risk to achieve his dream of being a guitar legend? 

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Meet the Author: Rick Starkey is a graduate of the Inst…