My Children's Book Month Feature: Cookies for Punch

Now it's time to introduce you to an amazing new picture book for young and old alike. Cookies for Punch is about a dog who loves his master, Tyler. When Tyler eats some of punch's dog cookies, a magical thing happens--and it isn't good. Find out how Punch uses his smarts to come up with a 'done gone' good idea to save his best pal, Tyler.

Published by Guardian Angel, you can find a large print copy of Cookies for Punch at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, and Guardian Angel Publications

Cookies for Punch is a wonderful story from the imagination of children's author, Allyn Stotz and her dog Punch.

Allyn and Punch

Allyn is a children’s book writer with five picture books to her credit: The Pea in Peanut Butter, Kailee Finds Magic IN Words, Hippo Bottomless, The Color of Love and Cookies for Punch. She has also been published in various children’s online magazines. 

Allyn came from a family of writers. Her father owned the town newspaper in Edgerton, Ohio while her mother wrote a weekly column. One of her sisters is a freelance editor/writer for non-fiction magazines. Watching Allyn’s journey to publication convinced her sister and  mother to team up. They have recently just published their fourth book, Holiday Connections.

 She is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, The CBI Clubhouse and belongs to the Livingston Parish Writer’s Group. 

Allyn and her husband  reside in Louisiana with their two crazy dogs and one fat cat. Please visit  Allyn's Blog--"Dreaming With Words"

My Review:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just took one little bite from that ever so delicious looking doggie cookie? Would you get sick? Or, would you sprout a tail? If you are the imaginative and creative Allyn Stotz, you just know you would sprout a tail, and that is where the fun begins in her wonderful children's story. Tyler takes that eventful bite, and then isn't sure how to get out of the trouble it causes. That's when Punch comes to the rescue. Kids will love this humorous story about a boy and his dog. The large print and the colorful illustrations from the one and only Jack Foster make this a book your little ones will ask to be read over and over. 

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