Kids Who Inspire Series

Have you ever been inspired by someone to go beyond what you believe are your limitations, or to make the best of a bad situation? I have, and I bet you have too. This month I want you to meet three kids who not only inspire me, but move me to be more creative. Their example makes me feel that if they can do it, so can I. 

Meet AnimalGirl

AnimalGirl, who prefers not to share her picture, is my amazing grand daughter. 

AG is an 11 year-old who has gone through a tragedy that I hope none of you ever have to face. Her mother, my daughter, died when she was nine years-old. The loss has been rough, and at times overwhelming. "I really miss my Mom," she says. "But I want her to be proud of me."

So, while AG's loss has changed her life forever, she decided to do something with her grief. She turned it into a desire to help save her beloved animals before they slip into extinction.

AG loves animals, and that love has taken her from raising butterflies to protesting the cutting down of trees to make way for new homes. This year, however, she decided to spread the word about the critically endangered animals of the world by creating her own blog--Animal Girl's Nature World. Every two weeks, she features a different endangered animal. 

"I give the facts about the animal, and why it is endangered. I think kids need to know that there are animals that might not be around for them to actually get to see them in person."

She is very vocal about the loss of habitat, over-hunting, pollution, and climate change. Her personal motto is, "Some think it's cool, but I think it's cruel."

AG inspires me to be a better person, and to do something for the world that would make her mother proud. What does her experience inspire you to do?

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