One of the Best Books for YA Summer Reading: The Into The Fire Trilogy!

If you follow my blog, you know Kelly Hashway is one of my favorite children's and middle grade authors, and I have been privileged to feature several of her books. This time, however, I would like to introduce you to the other side of Kelly--the Young Adult author! And, the best way to introduce you to her is through her Into the Fire Trilogy.

This is not your everyday boy meets girl story. Well, it is sort of, but with a twist that has never been done before, and I promise it will keep you turning page after page. You see, in this trilogy, 17 year-old Cara is fighting for her life--literally. No it's not another book about a sick and dying girl like John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. Instead, Cara's battle is with the hunters who want to steal her essence. You see, Cara is about to be reborn as a Phoenix, and when that happens Cara and her whole family will be in danger of dying at the hand of an unknown hunter. Who will she turn to? Who can she trust? 

Meet Cara in book #1, Into the Fire. This is where Cara's life ends with her death and rebirth as a new Phoenix. Not only does she have to adjust to the new powers that come with such a transformation, but now more than ever her life is in danger. The hunters know there is a new Phoenix, and the chance to kill her and steal her remaining lives draws them to her like moths to a flame. And if her life isn't complicated enough, she meets Logan, the new boy in town, and something is pulling them together. But when a Phoenix is reborn, the previous life is forgotten. Will Cara remember Logan? Or, will she only remember the danger?

Logan struggles to help Cara remember him and their magical bond in book #2, Out of the Ashes while everyone else in her life suspects him to be a hunter. Cara has to concentrate on the real threat. The hunters are getting close. They've already claimed the life of another young Phoenix. Will she believe Logan, and risk her life and the lives of her family? Or, will she push away the resurfacing memories and let her family put an end to their love once and for all? 

The intensity rises and so does Cara in book #3, Up In Flames. The hunters have claimed the lives of Phoenixes in other towns, and it appears they are heading straight for Cara. The only way her family can hope to protect her is to join with other Phoenixes. Maybe they can protect each other as a group. But can they trust each other to stay loyal? And, to make matters worse, Logan has held the Phoenix dagger made from the shell of the first Phoenix, and it's draw to kill is strong. But is it stronger than his love for Cara? The battle is coming, and no one knows who will survive. Will Logan go up in flames? Or will Cara?

You can buy your copy as an ebook or a print book and start reading today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

And check out Kelly's other books at her website Kelly Hashway

Note: Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks, but I am back now. Next week, "Getting Ready for School Conflicts". I know none of you want to think about school, but in 6 weeks you'll be back in class. Next week's primer will give you some tools to practice before you are faced with another school bully.

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