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Kids: Say No to Racism!

Racism is the belief that skin color, or heritage, determines  a person's abilities, strengths, and characteristics. It also means that everyone whose skin or heritage belongs to a specific group is either inferior or superior to every other group. Racism breeds discrimination, prejudice, anger, and even violence. 
Children have been prevented from attending school because of racism. People have been refused medical treatment because of racism. World wars have been started because of racism. And, millions of people have died because of racism. It is important that you understand that because you are the future, and it is important that you--the children of the world--say "NO" to racism.  Racism is not new. It's been with us for centuries. As a child, I even experienced racism because my mother was part Native American. She was called a "Breed", and we were her little papooses. Or as one of my second grade teachers called my sister, "Little Chief"…