Kids: You can be an Olympian even if you are not an athlete.

The Olympics are over. The world's fastest, strongest, and smartest--so it appears--took home the gold, the silver, and the bronze. They demonstrated their athletic perfection, their stamina, their endurance, and their single desire to win, and win big. After all isn't that what being an Olympian is all about? Or is it? Did you know that you do not have to be an athlete to be an Olympian? 

The Olympic games are a present day version of the ancient Greeks Olympic games. The games were held as an honor to Greek gods who the Greeks believed governed mankind from Mount Olympus. They were to honor humans who had the qualities of their gods. Today, like then, the games put an emphasis on physical ability and stamina, but YOU--every kid in the world--possess the same qualities every Olympic athlete has even if you are not an athlete yourself. 

No one is born with a sticker that states, "This is an Olympian." Instead, somewhere in their life to are introduced to something they love. It could be swimming like Michael Phelps, or gymnastics like Gabby Douglas, or complex mathematical equations like Albert Einstein, or Dolly Parton who recorded her first single when she was just 13, or Akiane Kramarik who demonstrated her artistic talent for painting at the age of 8, and so on and so on.

True, all of those listed had a talent or skill, but so do you. You may not have found it as yet, but you will. And when you do, what are you going to do with it? If you are the Olympian that I believe all kids have inside of them, you are going to set goals. By setting a goal, you move from  "I wish I could" to "I know I can". A goal makes it real and not just a dream.  Your goal can be as simple at first. Say for instance you want to be an Olympic speller, then your goal can be as simple as memorizing 5 new words each week. After a few weeks of success, you can move that goal to 10 words a week, then 20 words per week. Get the idea? 

If music is where you want to go, then focus on the type of music. Are you going to sing or play an instrument? Have a vision of what you want to accomplish, then work--yes, I said work--at it until you find yourself getting better and better.

The idea is to find something you like to do, focus on it, then work on it to succeed. It doesn't matter what it is. Everyone of you has the power to be an Olympian inside. It's not a dream. You, too, can be an Olympian.

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