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Kids: Understanding Protesting

With so much going on in the news, I think it's time for us to talk about protesting. Not sure what it means to protest? A protest is a way for you to say that you do not agree with, are angry about, or object to a person, an idea, a policy, or the action of someone else. Simply put, it means that you have a right to speak up when you think something is wrong. That "right" is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
The First Amendment protects five basic rights, but the two concerning protesting are: freedom of speech and the freedom to a peaceful assembly. Notice that I said a "peaceful" assembly. Under no circumstances is violence in a protest protected by the Constitution. That's important to remember.  It's also important to remember that when something is wrong, you need to speak up and say it is wrong. I know this is not easy. In fact it is downright hard to stand up and say enough is enough. We've talked about thi…

Kids: If you love dinosaurs, you will love "Dinosaur Toby:Finding Mommy"

I love dinosaurs, and I know I am not alone. Just the idea that an animal bigger than a house might have walked right where I live is fascinating.  That's why I always check out the new books for kids on dinosaurs.  The one I want to highlight today is the story of Toby. Toby is a newly hatched T-Rex. You would think that there was nothing in the world that could frighten a T-Rex especially when he has a giant mama to protect him. But Toby is small, and in the pre-historic world, small is not always a good thing. Small things get eaten by bigger things. So, when the giant bird swoops down and steals Toby from his nest, Toby thinks he is never going to see his mama again.  But, all is not lost. Instead, Toby sets out on a fantastic journey to find his mama. Will he succeed? Will Toby find his mama? You have to read "Dinosaur Toby: Finding Mommy", a Kindle book, to find out. Get your copy today. It's free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited, or only $1.99 to buy. Her…

Kids: Two Major Parties: One Donkey One Elephant

Have you ever wondered why the two major political parties in the United States are represented by a donkey and an elephant? Would you believe, American humor?
The United States political system is dominated by two major parties--the Democratic party and the Republican party. Both were created, as we know them today, in the 1800s. And, both have had their share of ups and downs, hardships and victories, and good campaigns and bad campaigns while attempting to swing voters to their ideas of the best government. Through it all, however, their symbols have remained the same.
For the democrats, the donkey became their representative when Andrew Jackson ran for President in 1828. It's said that an opponent called Mr. Jackson a jackass which is a male donkey. Mr. Jackson thought this was funny and decided to include a picture of a donkey on his political posters. It didn't take long for German political cartoonist, Thomas Nast, to have fun with the picture and start using it to rep…