Kids: If you love dinosaurs, you will love "Dinosaur Toby:Finding Mommy"

I love dinosaurs, and I know I am not alone. Just the idea that an animal bigger than a house might have walked right where I live is fascinating.  That's why I always check out the new books for kids on dinosaurs.  The one I want to highlight today is the story of Toby.

Toby is a newly hatched T-Rex. You would think that there was nothing in the world that could frighten a T-Rex especially when he has a giant mama to protect him. But Toby is small, and in the pre-historic world, small is not always a good thing. Small things get eaten by bigger things. So, when the giant bird swoops down and steals Toby from his nest, Toby thinks he is never going to see his mama again. 

But, all is not lost. Instead, Toby sets out on a fantastic journey to find his mama. Will he succeed? Will Toby find his mama? You have to read "Dinosaur Toby: Finding Mommy", a Kindle book, to find out. Get your copy today. It's free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited, or only $1.99 to buy. Here is the link Amazon.

Meet the Author, Daria Kravets:

Daria Kravets is a writer, wife, and mother with a passion for history. She studied and taught it for over six years. However, when her son, Elijah, was born, her life took on a new meaning. Family became her most important passion, and out of that love came a new passion--writing.

"I wanted to read fairy tales to my son, but he didn't like the ones I read. That's when I decided to write my own fairy tales. It's so exciting to invent stories with your own son. Besides, he loves dinosaurs."

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