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I was hoping 2016 was a better year for you, but it seems that very little progress has been made to help children move out of poverty and hunger, grow up in peace, and receive an education.  As we enter 2017, this world is faced with a challenge just to get food into every child's belly. In the world, one in every eight kids go to bed hungry. In addition, over 20,000 kids die each and every day, and one in five die before they reach five years of age. That is unacceptable! The world grows enough food to feed over 10 billion people, but it cannot seem to feed the 795 million people who are dying of starvation. Why? Well maybe it has something to do with greed and war. After all there are more than 230 million kids living in war torn countries. Then there is the matter of education.  For 57 million kids, there is no education--no school--no teachers--no knowledge. So here is my 2017 Children's Bill of Rights.  
Every child has the right to food.Every child has the right to clim…

Kids: Racism or Prejudice? What's the Difference?

What is the difference between racism and prejudice? Are they the same? Do you really know? Several recent experiences I've had at my local school have led me to believe there that some kids are confused by both terms. Why?   Let's consider two things that happened in the last few weeks. A 5th grade student recently told a peer, "That's racism, don't say that," when all the other kid did was say he didn't want the poster board they were working on to be black. He wanted green. Another incident involved a kindergartner who sat at the middle grade lunch table by mistake. A much older peer told her to move that 8th graders were prejudice against "babies".  Now both of these situations are not the norm for this school. The student population comes from a diverse background, religions, countries, and cultures. But it made me wonder how many of you actually understand the difference even though the majority of adults think the words are synonymous--a…