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You Have a Right to an Education, So Use It!

One of my 2017 Bill of Children's Rights, is your right to an education. Now I know for some of you the idea of school makes you roll your eyes and sigh. However, for 101 million children, according to UNICEF, the ability to go to school is denied. 
For them there are no books, no teachers, no homework, and no education. They will not be able to read or write, and for a large number they will not be able to even add or subtract simple equations. There are many reasons they are denied an education. For some, there are no schools. For others, school is a luxury that only a minority can afford. For even more however, they are denied school because they are girls, or their culture is different that the government's, or the government just does not have enough money to provide all their citizens with an education. These kids are destined to become part of the growing illiterate (not able to read or write) adult population of almost 760 million adults who do not have the means to m…