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Knowledge is Power Series: Refugee or Immigrant?

With all of the discussion on immigration, the one term that needs to be clarified is "refugee". What does it mean to be a refugee? What circumstances occur that create refugees? And, where do refugees go? First, let's define the term. A refugee is a person who is so afraid to stay in his/her country that he/she is forced to leave.  This fear can be caused by war, religious persecution, the threat of death,  a natural disaster like a flood or a volcanic eruption, or even starvation. In other words, the situation is so bad in the person's home country that he/she is no longer safe to live there. When that occurs, the person or persons flee to another country often with little more than the clothing they are wearing.  As you have probably seen on television or heard on the news, thousands of people have fled Syria in the last few years because of war. These people have lost their homes, family members, everything they own, and are afraid they will lose their lives or …