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A Fantasy Read for Teens

EEK! I didn't realize I ad been gone so long. But I am back with a series of books for the fantasy reader in you. It's from one of my favorite fantasy authors, Kevin Hopson, and it's all part of the Vargrom series. The Fire King is the first book, and here's a hint--there be dragons. 

The planet Oabrora faces a perpetual winter after a human mage, Vico, causes all the volcanoes in the dragons' homeworld to erupt. Three dragon siblings survive the blast and set out on a journey to bring the Vico to justice. But there is a far worse enemy on the horizon. You can get your copy as an ebook or in print at Amazon
P.S. I loved this book. The personalities of the three dragons combined with an adventure that could end both them and the world around them kept me turning page after page.