Who am I?

Simply put, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, author, day dreamer, and friend who has walked in numerous shoes and held many passions.      

Twenty-some years ago, I rediscovered my passion for writing, and became both an author and freelancer. For a while, I wrote a parenting column for a section in the Portland Oregonian, and sold over 200 non-fiction articles to both newspapers and magazines. I spoke at writer's and parenting conferences, and my first book--The Home Day Care Handbook--was published in 1987. Then, I changed careers and became a Police/Fire/EMS dispatcher and supervisor.      

While I loved this job, I could not wait to retire and begin writing again--only this time it was with a twist. I now write for children and adults, and credit my knowledge of kids lit to the Institute of Children's Literature where I graduated from their "Writing for Children" course in 2013 and their "Novel Writing" course in October 2014. 

Since 2013, I have been a little busy. Several of my non-fiction articles for kids have been published in Guardian Angel Kids Ezine and one of my short stories made it into Red Squirrel Magazine (a children's magazine in China). 

On the personal side--I am obsessed with Native American history, the 1800s, pioneers, anything written by the great Gary Paulsen, young adult authors--Shannon Hale and Kelly Hashway, my fellow writers, my best friends--Vicky and Kim, my grandchildren, and my husband of 47 years--Ron. Life is busy, stressful, wonderful, and exciting. 

Who knew? My journey is just beginning. Come. Join me at My website

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